Canaan Rwanda embarked on its real estate development construction venture in 2019, emerging as one of the most competitive and robust construction companies in the region. With a significant capacity for excellence, we have successfully undertaken and completed three notable projects situated in the heart of the picturesque city of Kigali.

Canaan Rwanda Kigali

Our developments transcend traditional living spaces, offering apartments that not only capture breathtaking views but also boast premium amenities. Residents of these meticulously crafted apartments can enjoy access to a well-equipped gym, steam sauna, and a refreshing swimming pool.

Belle-Vue-Apartment -Canaan Rwanda- Kigali
Belle-Vue-Apartment -Canaan Rwanda- Kigali
green-nest-apartment-canaan rwanda- kigali

Beyond constructing buildings, our vision is to contribute to the city’s aesthetic appeal and enhance the quality of life for those who choose to make these apartments their home. Through a commitment to quality construction and thoughtful design, Canaan Rwanda strives to create living spaces that harmonize with the cityscape and provide residents with a haven of peace and beauty.